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Wolf head shovel
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Default Wolf head shovel

Have done a lot of research on the Wolf head ET apparently where the confusion comes in as Poland made them off German machinery left over from WW2 Poles used this similar wolf dog head but not as pronounced as WW2 German Wartime A Polish collector pointed this out to me and said he thought about 1950 was when the Polish manfacture was. It is also believed that the Wolf head was a manf mark out of a company in Passau Germany pre war and into wartime sometime. So the ones in the Norway capture pile (Such as I have) and shown here were of German Manufacture. Others with the skinny wolf's head and a slightly more pointed handle are of Polish 1950 or so. I always believed them German especially coming from a capture pile in Norway and the one I have has a Waa on wooden handle near the ball which as MP44 Tom says is unusual but never the less genuine it has been on there a long time. I also saw a picture of these in the Norway capture pile in the 80's and some of them photographed were of this Wolf head maker. Painted Norweign green of course. timothy
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