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Ketelhut was also a former member of the LAH. As an SS-Ustuf. he served in the 11./LAH in 1941. Born 22.02.1918(3 years younger then Peiper), he was later tranferred to 16.SS Pz.Gren.Division. Attached you will find an image of him.

Reg. Peiper: he certainly wasn't 'hunted down' as the authorities knew whom he was and were aware of his past, he was 'discovered' by accident. Peiper loved France but didn't particularly like the French. He had to leave France anyway 'cause his permit would end in Feb. of the following year. He asked his former adjutant Arndt Fischer if he could find a nice location, preferably in the 'Gro▀raum Munic' area. As we all know, this was not to be.

I have visited Traves back in 2001 and the place had an odd feeling about it. The property is still in possession of the family.

Sad but understandable - Hinrich Peiper wrote me a few years ago that he doesn't answer anymore questions about his father.


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