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Originally Posted by corporalSteiner View Post
first time ive ever seen an ak clothing bag! so they existed, then. is there any suggesting this gear came from one trooper, or 'just' represents someones collection? a handsome tan ensemble, to be sure. nicely laid out for drooling readers, like myself.
Thanks again for all the comments.

Willi - Glad it went to you.

Corporal Steiner - My reaction was the same as yours. As I mentioned in my first post, I didn't know a tropical clothing bag even existed, but recognized it immediately behind their table on top of some storage tubs and covered over with coats, etc.

I asked the seller the same question you asked. He did not know if this belonged to one person and his interest was only selling the entire group on consignment. My instinct says it is unlikely they all came as one grouping, but they are all from the same period (early tropical), no mixing with late RBNr. tropical.
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