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Edda Goering Situation
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Default Edda Goering Situation

I have to say I was amazed by how far this thread wondered from the original subject. It is amazing how little knowldge some people really have
on the subject in question. So here are a few facts to chew on:
1) Goering was one of the wealthiest men in Europe before the war had even started.
2) The Baton was made by the Berlin firm of HJ Wilm in 1938 ( Feldmarschal) and the Reichsmarschal baton was made in 1940;certainly not from gold and jewels stolen from his "victims".
3) Many of Goering's art pieces were purchased legitimately and were gifts
from other European Statesmen and German Industrialists. One of his most
prized items, a Cranach painting did indeed turn out to be a forgery, He did
own several others that were perfectly good.
4)Last, but not least, his wife Emmy fought a long and protracted battle with the British and US occupation armies for return of their family assets
in the late 40's and later with the West German government. The Goering
family did actually get some of these assets returned. Some of this included militaria and uniforms that have ultimately made there way into the collections of various people.
5) Edda Goering is a very private person and for obvious reasons, seldom
grants interviews to people, but it is known that she has devoted much
of her life to helping and caring for veterans of the German forces in
World War Two.

As far as the US returning the baton or any other significant piece to a
former enemy leader's family, I would have to say that that would be
unlikely indeed. The Baton is a legitamate war Trophy and is likely worth
over $3Million dollars. Any collector that could afford it would love to have it. In any event, just use your imagination at the spin the politically
correct press would put on the sale or return of such a thing today.