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Britian_Jacky 07-13-2019 08:40 AM

Imperial german naval jacket

If this is the wrong place to put this then please move to the appropriate place, im sorry if this is not the right one.

Anyways, bought this at a show a few weeks ago, having looked at it, i think the jacket is fine for ww1 period (or pre war for that matter, but i wont get ahead of myself). The patches dont look right to me however, i also want to know what the tailors name is as i cant read i well, i think its kurt franz, but i can be wrong. I believe the rank is that of a petty officer basically. Please do help me out and prove me wrong as such. I will be highly grateful.


Thanks in advance for all the help.

Chip M 07-13-2019 09:51 AM

The ink stamp in the sleeve is from a costume company. I suspect that they put these very poor replicas of the insignia on the sleeve. Sorry to say they are not even close to real imperial era sleeve rates.

This is a private purchase jacket and the "name" you have is a tailor's label, not anything to do with the name of the jacket's owner.

Britian_Jacky 07-13-2019 10:29 AM

Thank you very much,

So is the jacket at least correct? What is the name on the tailors label?
Just wanted to know. Thank you very much.

R.Beck 07-13-2019 03:59 PM


Originally Posted by Britian_Jacky (Post 8492018)
Thank you very much,

So is the jacket at least correct? What is the name on the tailors label?
Just wanted to know. Thank you very much.

while the patches may be crap like Chip sez, but outside of that, the jacket looks period and legit

Chip M 07-13-2019 05:20 PM

Sorry, I can't read the last name on the tailor's label. It's too shredded. I can tell you that Franz was located in Kiel (one of the main ports for the imperial navy).

Britian_Jacky 07-13-2019 05:49 PM

Thank you both guys. At least the jacket is good, and thats really what matters most to me. I agree the patches look awful and i would not remove them as it would damaged the jacket more. But thank you so much guys.

darekm 07-13-2019 06:23 PM

I would replace the sleeve badges- they are easily found on eBay for no much money. However, can you make a closer pic of the badges? I owned many years ago a Reichsmarine jacket where the owner had made a badge for it on board the ship.

Britian_Jacky 07-13-2019 07:52 PM

Ill take some pics when i have the time for it. Thanks.

SkaraBrae 07-14-2019 07:09 AM

IMO it is wrong to "replace" the badges. The bad insignia should be removed, but nothing should be added to an artifact that wasn't there when you got it. So much stuff has been hopped up in this hobby under the fig leaf of "restoration" it is a real shame.

Britian_Jacky 07-14-2019 05:04 PM

Im just wondering what is the best way to remove the insignia without damaging the jacket? Or at least not even more than already?

Lloyds 07-15-2019 01:33 PM

It looks like one of the ones i had i got about 30+ from a costume house in Manchester about 25 back none had arm badges at that time all were in good condition and some had added arm tress

Britian_Jacky 07-15-2019 05:26 PM

Thats interesting lloyd. We will never know to be sure exactly unless there is pictures of this in a costume house of which on a general consensus, can be agreed to be that jacket. Anyways thank you lloyd.

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