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Luft 76 06-08-2012 01:51 PM

Show your Lw Felddivision Sb / Wp (or awards docs)

Lw Felddivisionen are very "popular" in the german collection field. I think it will be nice to show here all documents related to these units, and in particulary, Soldbücher or Wehrpasse.

I begin with an interesting Sb of a member of 16. Lw FD.
The man spent about 1,5 year in airplace security units (Fliegerhorst Kp..), before to join the Jäger Regiment 32. His division was formed in Gross Born training camp before to be sent to northern Holland coast (west of Amsterdam), subordinated to 88. AK.
In march 43, this man received the famous Tarnjacke and a Tarnnetz. But he received also a Fj. Hose. That one was confirmed at less until april 44, even when the division was subordinated to army. The perception of this model of pant seems not very common, even if many FD soldiers have received Feldgrau pants, as I should be able to show that, later.
As all the Lw Felddivision, 16. Lw FD was taken over by the Army in beginning of november 43. Later, the division was reformed as the WH infantery divisions with three infantery regiments with two batl. each, a Füs. Batl..... Our man was then transferred from III./32 to II./46. Indeed, both third bataillons of the two regiments (31 and 32) were used to form the third one, like in all the others Felddivisionen. At the same time, the Ers. Truppe changed also : the Lw depot unit was replaced by an Heer one (see p. 17 of the Sb).
In april 44, our man got the KvK II. Kl. from the hands of the Kommandeur, Generalleutnant K. Sievers.

After D Day, 16. FD (L) is transferred to Normandy front during the second part of june. After 15 days of travel, she took place in north-eastern area of Caen (Epron - Colombelles - Escoville - le Pré Baron). The I./32 and II./46 are first in place, 1st and of 2 july.Jg. Regt. 46 hold the right (eastern) wing of the division, at the contact with 346.ID. On 7. 07, his II. Bataillon is used as security troops ("Kerntruppe") in Caen but on 8. 07, the bataillon is attached to Kampfgruppe Rauch (21.Pz Division) to conter attack on northern of Caen, against british advance ("Charnwood"). On 9. 07, the II./46 and parts of the Kpfgr. Rauch fight in center town of Caen. On 12 july, the II./Jg. Regt. 46 help Jg. Regt. 32 in Colombelles against 51st scotish division.
On 18. 07, the big british offensiv "Goodwood" brokes the lines of the 16.FD. In one day, the unit is near completely anihilited. The chief of II./46, Hptm. Kraft, is taken prisoner on 19.07 near Emieville, eastern of Caen.
On 20. 07, the fighters remants of the division are given to 21. Pz Divison or to 272.ID (Pz Jg. Abt.). Some services troops are transferred to 16. Inf. Division formed in south-western coast of France.
Our man seems to join also the 21. Pz Divison, as shows the FP Nr 56623 B (= 1./Pz Gren. Regt. 192) written on upper part of page 4 of his Soldbuch. So he has continued the fighting western of Caen, after end of july, and afterwards in Trun-Falaise area. He succeed to escape of Falaise pocket but was taken prisonner by the canadians of 2d Div. on 23 august 44, near Orbec, on the way to the Seine. Fortunatly for us, he has written the date of his capture on last cover page !
At the end of the war, our man joined a german labor company working in Germany (Vlotho). At that occasion, he got a new WH Soldbuch (I don't know why), in dec. 45 ! This document was sold here, on WAF, about one year ago and I don't know who is the buyer. If he read that thread, he will be pleasant to contact me.










Floris 06-09-2012 04:20 AM

Interessting soldbuchthumbsup

Luft 76 06-12-2012 01:54 PM

Thanks Floris but it seems that I am the own to have such papers...:laugh:
So I continue.
Second is a simple and damaged Sb (but not too bad... And found with an empty wallet) of a member of 17. Lw Felddivision.
Our man was first too in security airfield units (Fliegerhorst Kp.) in Germany during 2,5 years. He joined the new Jäger Regiment 34 of the 17. Lw Felddivision in february 1943 when that division was already arrived in upper Normandy (Le Havre area), on Channel coast.
His 10. Kp was stationned in Etretat, very famous for its cliff.
At the beginning of august 43, he received a Tarnjacke and a Tarnnetz, and probaly at the same time (or few before) a Hose Feldgrau (see photo). The perception of that cloth is interesting, because at that time, the unit is still dependent of the Lw.
At the beginning of 44, the 17.FD (L) formed also a third regiment with parts of the two others. In theory, our man member of the III./34 should have joined the new Jg. Regt. 47 but he stayed in the same regiment and only moved to Stab I./34. This one was located in Bec de Mortagne, between Goderville and Fécamp. But later, it moved to château d’Hainneville, not far away from the coast.

About 10 august 44, the 17. FD is sent south of the river Seine, in order to protect the retreat of german forces who are escaping from Normandy and stop the quick allied advance to the north-east. The division reached Dreux (south of Evreux and Paris), in order to re take the town captured but the US 5th Armoured Div. The Jg. Regt. 34 take place north of Dreux, on river Avre, on 17 august. But after two days of hard fights, the regt. must go north, to Saint-André de l'Eure and later to Evreux (19-21 aug.). In reality, the 17. FD (L) is sacrified in order to slacken the american advance, next to the SS Kpfgr. Mohncke /Wahl and to 344.ID. In two weeks, the two regiments in line (34 and 47) and the Füs. Batl. 17 are near completely destroyed.
Aroud 26 august, the remants of the division tried to defend northern bank of the Seine in eastern area of Elbeuf, against the canadians of 4th Inf. Div. But on the 28, they cannot stopped the canadian crossing of the Seine, and later, the capture of Rouen, on 30 august.

Did our man was captured or killed in these unequal fights ? Probably not because his paybook was taken by a canadian veteran of 2d Inf. Div. Note that division didn't fought against 17. Lw FD. So what is happened ? He was probably captured during the retreat accross north France or Belgium, during the first days of september. There is no entry in the Sb after beginning of august 44.






hucks216 06-13-2012 03:48 AM

Here you go, here is another one! I bought this one 2 months ago from the E-Stand and while I don't specifically collect LW-FD paperwork I was glad to get this one to fill a gap. It is a Zweitschrift issue but was issued in late 1942 so still has plenty of 'original' entries rather then backdated entries.
He originally served in various pre-war and early war Jagdgeschwader before being transferred to 21 Luftwaffe Feld-Div in August 1942. He went on to serve LW-Feld-Rgt 1, LW-Jäger-Rgt 44 and Div-Füs-Btl 21(L) before being killed in action on 14th September 1944 as an Oberfeldwebel. He was awarded the EK II & IAB, both in 1944.










Luft 76 06-15-2012 10:49 AM

Very nice addition. thumbsup
Wp "Zweitschrift" are often interesting because they show ID portrait in uniform ! 21. LFD is probably the most famous Felddivision, because of its origin, chief and actions...
Also of particlar interest, here : the award of WH Inf. St. Abz. according to rules for a Heer unit, and worn by a Lw man.

dennisb 07-13-2012 12:36 PM

To both of you: Very nice Felddivision documents, thanks for sharing! thumbsup Especially those LW Felddivision documents related to Normandy are very interesting!

Luft 76 05-15-2013 03:04 PM

I go back up that thread, in order to show another Sb of my collection :
it's the pay book of a Feldwebel whose last unit was the Jäger Regiment 34 (17. Lw Felddivision).
He was in two units before to join the Pionier Batl. 17 (L) at the end of 1942, when the 17. was formed in Germany before to go to France. After near three months, he went to 12./Lw Jg. Regt. 34. At that time, that unit was on the Channel (Kanal) coast, near Etretat. When the division was reshaped between end of 43 and beginning of 44, the sMG companie of Feldwebel Rost was only renamed 4./34. It stay almost in the same area on the coast.
Of particular interest here is the perception of a "Rock Grau" and "Reithose Grau" (see photo), probably in june 44, after the transfer of the 17. Lw Felddivision in the army. It's an interesting example of "personal reconditioning" at that occasion (Lw unit assigned to WHeer).
Note that he got also the famous "Tarnjacke" and "Tarnnetz".

This man was severely wounded during the second part of august 44 when his division tried to slow down the advance of american forces south of the river Seine, in the area of Evreux (département de l'Eure). He was admitted in Kriegslazaret 3/617 (Lille-Saint André, northern France) on 22 08, and moved later to an german hospital. He never went out of hospital until june 45, where he received the EK 2 in early 45, probably for bravery during the hard and unequal fights of august 44.







:bye: :bored:

peterm 05-16-2013 01:52 PM

Very nice docs in this thread! thumbsup

Kind regards, Peter

dennisb 05-16-2013 02:03 PM

Another nice Soldbuch! thumbsup
I will post my Luftwaffe Soldbuch this weekend. ;)

Luft 76 05-18-2013 01:15 PM


Originally Posted by dennisb (Post 5889582)
Another nice Soldbuch! thumbsup
I will post my Luftwaffe Soldbuch this weekend. ;)

Thanks ! Is it a Felddivision Sb ?

dennisb 05-19-2013 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by Luft 76 (Post 5892210)
Thanks ! Is it a Felddivision Sb ?

Yes, 18. Feld-Division (L) if I am correct.

I see that I have not made any scans of the Soldbuch yet, so will do that soon. ;)

dennisb 05-20-2013 08:07 AM

2 Attachment(s)
As promised, here are some scans of my LW Feld Soldbuch. Have not fully researched the Soldbuch, so please correct me when I am wrong, Luft 76.

Soldbuch to Josef Plank. From '43 on he served with LW-Jäger-Regiment 36 of the 18. Luftwaffen-Feld-Division, later 18. Feld-Division (L).

Did not see much action in France due to Pneumonia.
In early September sent back to his unit. I am not sure whether he then fought with it's unit in the Mons Kessel or that it was sent to other 'Versprengte einheiten' that fought along the Albertkanaal. In mid-September he was wounded and sent to the Lazarett in Baukloh.
Through different Ersatz units he came back in action in March 1945 with Grenadier-Ersatz-Bataillon 12. On May 2nd 1945 he was again wounded on the Eastern Front and sent to a Lazarett.

dennisb 05-20-2013 08:08 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Lazarett entries.

dennisb 05-20-2013 08:08 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Last, his units.

Luft 76 05-20-2013 01:13 PM

Nice addition.
Fortunatly for him, he was not involved in the furious fights in Mantes bridgehead (Brückenkopf), on the Seine, during second half of august 44.
The Gren. Ers. Batl. 96 where he served after his disease was the reserve unit for both Jg. Regt. 35, 36 and 48 (18. Lw Felddiv.).
This man knew certainly a soldier whose I own the Wp. (same 8./36). I will post it later.

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