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Willi Z. 07-18-2019 12:27 PM

Assistance in deciphering stamping on old German rifle
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Any help on deciphering this would be appreciated. On an old German rifle which appears to be a 6mm Flobert, which has 3sets of "BUG" proofs and nothing else.

I have seen these on other old rifles, but have never converted them into something useful.

Willi Z. 07-18-2019 12:36 PM

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Here is one set of the "BUG" proofs from under the barrel, with what I think is the date.

AndyB 07-19-2019 01:09 PM

powder - 0,2g Nitro Gewehr Pulver M1871 rifle modell, 1,8g Blei - projectile weight probably. b.r.Andy

Mike S 07-19-2019 11:28 PM

The BUG proofs are Commercial proofs stipulated by the proof law of 1891. Crown/B stands for Beschuss to be applied to the finished firearm, crown/U means it has been inspected before and after proof firing, and crown/G was the mark applied to rifled barrels. Reference is “The Borchardt and Luger Automatic Pistols”. Hope this helps.


Mike S 07-20-2019 03:40 PM

I should add that the U stands for “Untersuchung” (inspection) and the G for “Gezogen” (rifled).

Willi Z. 07-20-2019 07:05 PM

Thanks Andy and Mike.

The 1.8 grams equals about 27 grains, so that make sense for a 6mm Flobert. I have seen "Gezogen" spelled out in a number of rifles as well. Always wondered how the "BUG" marking was broken down.

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