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Gordon Craig 02-17-2010 01:51 PM

CD/DVDs worth buying a copy or not? List them here.
As well as reference books there are some CD ROMS out there that may be worth, and some that are not worth, buying. I received one in the mail today that, considering that it only cast me $15.00, worth buying. It is called "OVER 1000 FIREARMS MANUALS" and contains just what the title indicates. I bought it for the German manuals but there are some others of interest to the Soviet and British collecting groups etc. In the main, these are not military manuals but since almost all are written in English I consider them useful. The quality of the images on this CD is dependant on the quality of the original manuals. In some instances the pictures look more like black blobs than a firearm. However, the manual on the Dragunov is very good. Makes me regret selling mine! The gun that is not the manual. These DVD-ROMS are available at http://stores.shop.ebay.com/The-Curio-and-whatNot-Shop Please ignore the other stuff, unless of course you are interested in their unusual wares.
Please add to this list of CD/DVDs both for your pro and con ideas. Who knows what we might find out there!



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