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Ferg 1 11-17-2019 07:19 AM

Small air gunner group
2 Attachment(s)
Here is a newly acquired group to Gottfried Hirschfelder , alas I can find no record of him so far. Badge is pressed feinzinc which is unusual and probably an end of war product . Has seen some action too by the wear etc. As with all zinc insignia etc the top finish has been absorbed by the base metal.

VtwinVince 11-17-2019 11:15 AM

Very nice piece.thumbsup

gregM 11-17-2019 11:41 AM

Nice group.

Lubo 11-17-2019 04:23 PM

The Air Gunner Badge with this set up is faked, quite often seen for sale here and there, havenít seen a fake in zink, hopefully yours is good.

Ferg 1 11-17-2019 05:12 PM

Yes you are right, this type of pin catch is used on a particular copy of a pilot badge seen often on eBay and dealer sites . I have never seen this type of set up on a fake air gunner . There is a fake air gunner badge that is seen often and is very similar to this badge , the give away clue ,if you look carefully , is the number of trailing wing feathers on the back wing , the fakes have 9 these ones have 10 . I can only imagine that this type of distinctive catch has been used on modern copies . I am 100% confident that this badge is original .

Hagrid 11-17-2019 06:44 PM

Congrats, Ferg!
You seem to be absorbing all the desirable, modestly priced treasures on german ebay smilewink
I shyed away from this one because of the catch and the damage...
...although Weitze had two of them - same catch, zinc and broken of crown - for years.
One is still there, if someone else is interested...
Nice haul, again!

Ferg 1 11-18-2019 02:23 AM

Thank you Hagrid, yes this type of catch is used on many fakes these days. Close inspection will reveal that this catch is slightly different to the copy badges . All the copies have identical catches whereas this one has less of an arched top . Broken cross is a shame but part of its journey !

90th Light 11-18-2019 04:00 AM


Originally Posted by Ferg 1 (Post 8578137)
Broken cross is a shame but part of its journey !

The cross has been broken off intentionally as a recognition that the Kaiser had abdicated

It symbolizes that Germany was no longer a monarchy/ empire and that the crown no longer had ruling authority over the state/ nation/ armed forces. The original owner may have been a republican, socialist or communist ?

IMO it adds to the history and is something one sees on some original badges of that time,


nhcoejr 11-18-2019 06:00 AM

Air Gunner Group
I agree with the comment about the top cross being removed. I noticed this many times on Bavarian flight badges. N. Coe

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