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Edelweisse 07-23-2019 03:32 PM

Church Memorial in Bavaria
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Hi Folks:

I've been going visiting many churches while I'm in Germany for three (3) years and found many war memorials and this has been the 1st where I've found SS listed....but with "??" for "SS"

Edelweisse 07-23-2019 03:34 PM

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more pix

Edelweisse 08-13-2019 12:34 AM

Note the one soldier listed “Westen” 8 Jan 45 probably in Battle of the Bulge while most died in Russia

Biber 08-13-2019 07:15 AM

Well, that's one way to deal with what has become for some an offensive symbol. Not entirely objectionable I suppose, perhaps even somewhat tasteful given the setting. The censorship even looks like it might be reversible should sentiments ever change in the future. Only draws attention to itself if you ask me. How ironic.

Ian Hulley 08-16-2019 08:13 AM

SS U.S.B.F is not a rank … SS-Ostbaf would be the correct abbreviation for SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer. SS-Strm would the correct abbreviation for an SS-Sturmmann


Edelweisse 08-19-2019 12:40 AM

I wouldn’t be too picky on the abbreviations.... maybe the civilian didn’t have the official SS rules & regulations handy....or this website to ask for your input.

BLUF: Honored their war dead

Lloyd I. 08-21-2019 07:30 PM

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At least ranks are listed, that is not always the case. Example our Friedhof..

Lloyd I. 08-21-2019 07:33 PM

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Visit Bayreuth if you are near Vilseck or Graf.

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