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Sonny 12-03-2001 10:35 AM

reference book needed
could any members advise me of a good reference book on sa sport badges and dra and drl badges. i'm looking to buy these badges but it appears i need more than just some friendly advise on them. thanks

Rick Research 12-03-2001 01:21 PM

The only thing I've ever seen was a Klietmann book from the 1970s (I think--I only xeroxed the sections I wanted--and neglected to note title/date. Those weren't important to me, back then!) which gave some basic info about numbers awarded, marks, and measurements. Very basic by today's standards.

I've got some info posted in Medals Forum at GDcom about the SA early versions (may be 4 or 5 or more pages back into the distant backlog by now.) Also have an illustration of a pre-WWI DRA Gold in Imperial Forum here.
Sometime back on the main forum here there was a thread about Third Reich versions fakes being sold now--again, probably back maybe beyond the normal 60 day back topic display--just click on the "all topics" and search it out, because there was a link to the fakes seller's site, showing them (icky stuff).

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