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Originally Posted by hoover View Post
Hi USCOP. You forget the green canvas chinstraps.

You have 200 of the blue webbing BLSV-belts? Hell, I need 2 of them! I am afraid you can supply every collector in Europe and the US with them.

I am still looking for every kind of hats and caps for my mannequins. Maybe you have some for sale?

I hope that I can take some pics this evening of my helmets and the other pieces.
Never had or saw green chinstraps, so I didn't posted them.
the Early Leather ones are quite rare. I my friends Storage I found only 30 Helmets with them in a bunch of only 3500. Maybe I have a pic of them in the barracks. It was an old house in a STALAG full of them. Years ago I posted Pics with DDR Stuff filled up to the ceiling. One Room with VP male trousers, one with female, one with male tunics and so on....
Others were filled with Canadian stuff in the same way. He told me that he bought a lot of BD's Summer Uniforms, Both Army and RCAF. For example 168.000 BD Trousers in Army khaki, 120.000 AF blue etc. Here I also got hundreds of them.
P.S.: Can't remember Caps, but that means nothing. Everybody who knows a bit of my storages will understand it.
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