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My updated list based on feedback here and other sources:

- Two Parachute Companies of Mot.-Schützen- Bataillons 5 (MSB 5) (Motorized Rifle Battalion 5) - From October 1960

- Fallschirmjägerbataillon 5 (FJB-5) (5th Parachute Battalion) - From 28 February 1962

- Fallschirmjägerbataillon 2 (FJB-2) (2nd Parachute Battalion) - From 1 December 1971

- Fallschirmjägerbataillon 40 (FJB-40) (40th Parachute Battalion) Willi Sänger - From 8 November 1972

- Luftsturmregiment 40 (LStR 40) (40th Air Assault Regiment) with two Air Assault Battalions LStB 40 and 41 (LStB 41 was a cadre unit to be expanded in wartime) - From 1 December 1986 - June 1991 (taken over by the Bundeswehr on 3 October 1990)

- 4. Fallschirmjägerkompanie (4. FJK) (4th Parachute Company) From 1981, guard company at the Ministry of Defense in Strausberg

- Two Spezialaufklärungskompanien (SAK) (Special Reconnaissance Companies) of the III & V Military Districts

- Fernaufklärer of the army recon battalions supporting Divisions - Like US Long Range Recon Patrols (LLRP)

- Volksmarine Kampfschwimmerkommando 18 (KSK-18) (Navy Combat Swimmer Company 18)

- Luftverteidigung/Luftstreitkräfte Fallschirmdienste (Air Force/Air Defense Parachute Service)

- Aeroklub der DDR (later FFSV) – governing body for motor flight, gliding, aerobatics, model airplanes and parachuting sports. Members of the national team were all part of the Aeroklub. Parachuting was conducted in the GST, the SV Dynamo and in earlier days in the ASV.

- Flug und Fallschirmsportverband der DDR (FFSV) (Federation for Aerial and Parachute Sports)

- Gesellschaft für Sport und Technik (GST) Fallschirmspringen (Society for Sports and Technology Sports/Free fall Parachuting)

- Stasi Special Recon and Anti Terrorist units of Wach Rgt "Feliks Dzierzynski" later small units of the HA XXII (Anti-Terror-unit of the MfS)

- Two Stasi airborne agent units at Erkner, associated with the Dynamo Parachute Team at Rote Helene Leipzig

- Vopo anti-terrorist units wearing fallschirmjäger uniforms?
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